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Empowering Educational Content Creators to Shine Brighter.

Being an educational content creator is exciting, but it's also filled with uncertainties:


I have a broad subject in mind, but how can I narrow it down to a specific niche?


Who exactly is my target audience? market?


There are already so many people in my niche, how can I make my content stand out?


How should I start my videos to instantly grab the viewer's attention?


How can I make my educational content fun, not boring?


How come my videos have no views? What did I do wrong?


What new skills do I need to learn to become a better creator in video formats?

Instead of figuring it all out by yourself, you could use some help


I'm Yangyang.

Hi, I'm Yangyang. Dive deep with me into the world of educational video content.


Together, we'll craft tailored strategies that cover everything from refining your niche to plotting your content roadmap.


I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

My Clients Say

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Yangyang helped me transition from a 'triple-zero' stage, with no clear personal brand, product, or revenue channels, to a successful coach with a unique brand, product offerings, and a thriving business.


Now, as my social media followers and paying clients continue to grow, I'm also guiding other coaches to profitable paths.

Coco, Coach's Coach

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