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Getting to Know Your Coach

Yangyang: Leveraging her diverse background in business, education, and media for your entrepreneurial success.


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Featured on Times Square's digital billboards

  • Founder and former CEO of Yoyo Chinese, a language edtech startup with over 500,000 registered users worldwide and a multi-million dollar valuation.

  • PR and online business manager for a NY Times Best Selling author. 

  • Auditor at Ernst & Young in both Hong Kong and the United States

  • Featured  in "Fast Company" for exceptional Adaptability Quotient (AQ) 

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  • Guest Professor at Pepperdine University's MBA program. 

  • Architect behind a leading language education program, adopted by the United Nations as their official language curriculum. 

Teaching at Pepperdine University

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  • Former TV Host and Producer for​ the Hollywood Reporter

  • Co-host of the Discovery Channel's cultural documentary series 'Oh My Buddha!'

  • Founder of the top language learning YouTube channel boasting over 350,000 subscribers.

At the set of the Discovery Channel show 


What Else?

  • Over a decade of personal experience in psychoanalysis, coaching, and meditation.

  • Avid jazz piano student, continually honing improvisation skills

  • Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

My Story

My Story 

Embarking on My Coaching Journey

My journey into coaching began during a pivotal period in my life. 


As a new mom juggling the demands of my startup, I felt overwhelmed. Therapy had been my go-to for over a decade, but this phase required more. I needed to build a future, not just repair the past.


That's when I met Jessica, my life coach.


Guided by Jessica, I discovered balance and a fresh perspective blending parenthood and entrepreneurship. 


Becoming a mom

Discovering the Power of Coaching


The coaching process shed light on the power of asking the right questions and the often-underestimated role energy plays in guiding our lives. 


I was captivated by the focus on the individual, not merely the problem, and how coaching nurtures growth, rather than just measures success. 


Inspired by these revelations, I shifted my leadership style. I began guiding my team through questions rather than directives, nurturing their potential beyond predefined roles.


The profound impact of coaching resonated deeply, igniting my desire to empower others the same way. 


So, I immersed myself in an intensive year-long coaching program, delving into energy theories and the psychology of human transformation.

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My small yet powerful team

Why an Entrepreneur's Coach?

Entrepreneurship is a path I've walked. I've tasted the loneliness, battled self-doubt, and grappled with uncertainty. 


My quest for support from business consultants often yielded technical advice, void of the human touch.


I soon realized what was missing - a coach who could nurture the entrepreneur's personal growth while sharpening their business acumen.


Today, I proudly fill that gap. 


Nothing compares to the joy I feel when witnessing my clients' transformation—the spark in their eyes, their diminishing self-doubt, the positive shift in their energy and the growth of their businesses.


And the best part? My work impacts not just one business but many, rippling change through each coaching session.

1798575_10204800382542485_4731079075517372974_n (1).jpg

 Speaker at the Women Founders in Tech Panel

Bridging the Gap - My Motivation


Looking back on my journey, I see my transformation from a doubtful dreamer to a confident, accomplished entrepreneur.


This transformation made me realize the power of coaching and the untapped potential in the gap between who we are and who we could become.


As a coach, my mission is simple - to bridge that gap, to guide entrepreneurs in unlocking their full potential and transforming their dreams into reality.  


It's not just my job; it's my passion, my purpose, my pledge to you.

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