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Personalized Coaching for Content Creators

My Coaching Approach

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Maximize Your Strengths

Ditch 'average', shoot for 'extraordinary'.

We're in this to maximize your unique strengths, fiercely and without compromise.

There's no generic path to excellence, but only a journey as unique as you are. 

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Master Your Mindset

Your inner world molds your outer reality.  

We'll challenge your limiting beliefs, and its' like shifting from brakes to gas.


This shift is your gateway to a limitless journey. 

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Tap Into Your Energy

Your energy doesn't lie. It guides you towards what matters and away from what doesn't.

We'll tune in to your energy - it's the compass to your true path.  

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Pursue Alignment

When daily tasks leverage your strengths, actions echo values, and immediate steps steer towards future goals - that's alignment. 

Together, we'll craft a strategy uniting all. 

This is your gateway to flow and creativity.


Coaching Packages

Join me in one-on-one coaching to ignite your strengths, map out your path, and conquer hurdles.

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Package #1
First Step Kickoff Session


90-minute one-on-one session

What's covered
  • Background Briefing: We'll briefly explore your personal and professional journey, noting key experiences and attributes.

  • Broad Strategy Sketching: We'll sketch out some potential high-level paths based on your your background.

  • Immediate Next Steps: We'll identify some achievable actions you can start taking right away towards your goals. 

Who It's For

Ideal for new clients needing an initial insight into their business path, a taste of coaching, and a boost to begin their entrepreneurial journey. ​

Who It's NOT For

Those seeking in-depth analysis or comprehensive business coaching. This session is a stepping stone to a more detailed journey.



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Package #2
Launch-Ready Roadmap


This package underscores the importance of deliberate planning in business, helping you build a solid foundation before diving into detailed execution.


6 weeks, one-hour session per week 

What's Covered

Week 1 - Visions & Goals Assessment:

  • Deep dive into your professional aspirations and personal goals.

  • Craft a compelling vision and mission for your business.

  • Develop SMART goals rooted in your personal strengths and business ideas.


Week 2 - Personal Inventory:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your existing abilities, strengths, and resources (time, energy, money, and space).

  • Utilize your past experiences, background, and current knowledge to inform your business strategy.

Week 3 - Core Values and Business Alignment:

  • Understand and align your core values with your business idea.

  • Define your niche, honing your target audience and market to mirror your unique strengths and values.

Week 4 - Evaluating Business Potential:

  • Evaluate the earning potential and longevity of your business within your chosen niche.

  • Explore potential revenue models, selecting the most fitting for your business.


Week 5 - Brand & Communication:

  • Craft your unique value proposition, brand voice, and visual identity.

  • Create messaging that reflects your personal story and resonates with your audience.


Week 6 Resource Mapping and Next Steps:

  • Provide curated resources to fill knowledge gaps and further self-learning.

  • Equip you with the necessary tools to successfully implement your business strategy.

  • Outline the next steps on your business journey.

Note to Readers:

Please note that this 6-week program only serves as a general framework, the actual content of each week's session will be customized to your specific situation and needs.

End Result

Clarity on your business direction, an actionable roadmap to follow.

  • Unique Blueprint Pyramid approach for holistic business planning.

  • Deep alignment of personal values and business vision.

  • Personalized strategy tailored to your own rhythm and vision.

My Methodology
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The Entrepreneur's Blueprint Pyramid

In this package, we apply my successful Pyramid Model, a strategy that maps out your entrepreneurial path.


Each level builds on the last, creating a comprehensive, goal-guided business blueprint.

Who It's For
  • Ideal for new entrepreneurs wanting a comprehensive blueprint.

  • Perfect for those needing to define their niche and craft a robust business plan.

  • Suited for entrepreneurs needing to understand their target market.

  • Excellent for those developing branding and communication strategies.

Who It's NOT For
  • Not for those seeking detailed logistical advice on business launch.

  • Not for those looking for quick, ready-made solutions.

  • Not suited for those unwilling to invest time in aligning personal values with business goals.

  • Personal Discovery and Creativity Exercises: Creative exercises to discover your core values and strengths.

  • Customer Research: Activities for understanding your target audience and their needs.

  • Market Analysis: Insights into market trends, competition, and opportunities.

  • Social Media Research: Investigation into relevant business trends on social media.

  • Branding Guidance: Resources for creating a resonating brand and effective marketing strategies.



(Flexible Payment Plans available)

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Package #3
the Launchpad


Jumpstart your business in 90 days: We execute existing strategies, build marketing foundations, and start connecting with customers.

  • 90 Day Plan

  • Monthly 90-minute planning sessions

  • Weekly 30- minute check-ins

What's Covered

Monthly Action Planning:

  • Setting a goal for each month and identifying weekly milestones.


Brand Identity and storytelling: 

  • Developing a coherent and compelling brand narrative.

Website Creation

  • Creating a functional and visually appealing site that represents your brand.

Social Media Platform Setup:

  • Establishing your presence across relevant platforms, along with the release of initial content.


First Content Release:

  • Launch initial content on chosen social media with ongoing feedback.

Basic Marketing Funnel Setup:

  • Establishing fundamental marketing systems, including a basic sales funnel. 

Customer Outreach

  • Making initial contacts with your target market.

End Result
  • Defined brand identity

  • Functional online presence

  • Debut social media content

  • Initial marketing structure in place

  • First customer connections

  • Focused execution and accountability.

  • System building for marketing and audience outreach.

  • Ideal for proactive entrepreneurs.

My Methodology
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the Three Pillars for the Launchpad

In the launching phase, there are three key elements we'll focus on: 

Focused Execution:

  • We turn big goals into small, doable tasks. 

  • Each action aligns with your business vision. 

Accountability & Guidance:

  • Support to counter entrepreneurship solitude.

  • Keep track of your progress and motivate you towards your milestones. 

  • Answer any question you have, and adjust the plan as needed. 

System Building:

  • Transition to a structured marketing plan and basic marketing funnel

  • Developing repeatable, scalable routines for reaching out to your audience and creating content. 

  • Linking business activities for cohesive strategy.

Who It's For
  • Entrepreneurs transitioning from blueprint to real-world execution.

  • Businesses seeking to activate their online presence via website and social media channels.

  • Those ready to initiate customer engagement and build relationships in their target market.

Who It's NOT For
  • Those still exploring business ideas and lacking a solid business plan.

  • Entrepreneurs who are not ready to invest time and effort in consistent execution.

  • Businesses without the readiness to build and manage an active online presence.

  • 3 Detailed Action Plans (One per month)

  • 9 Execution Check-in and Fine-tuning Sessions (Three per month)

  • Completed Social Media setup and initial content release

  • Functional, brand-aligned website

  • Applied marketing strategy and setup basic marketing funnels

  • Defined brand identity and narrative

  • Initial customer outreach



(Flexible Payment Plans available)

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On-Demand Coaching 


Targeted coaching for entrepreneurs at any stage, focusing on immediate challenges to renew energy, provide clarity, and enhance confidence. 


Flexible sessions, on-demand as per your needs. 

What's Covered
  • Key Challenge Identification: Deep dive into your business situation, pinpoint obstacles and growth opportunities.

  • Mindset Coaching: Exploration of entrepreneurial beliefs, habits, strategies for resilience, and mental block overcoming.

  • Strategy Exploration: Guiding your journey to discover and trust your own business solutions.

  • Resilience Building: Techniques for setback management, focus maintenance, and motivation.

  • Concrete Next Steps: Action plans for implementing session insights and sustaining momentum.

Who It's For
  • Entrepreneurs at any stage feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

  • Individuals dealing with strategic decisions or team issues.

  • Entrepreneurs navigating market uncertainty or feeling lost.

Who It's NOT For
  • Individuals seeking a structured long-term coaching program.

  • Those looking for advice outside general business guidance (e.g., legal or financial consulting).


$299 for 1 one-hour session or

$999 for 4 one-hour sessions

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